Elios Modus Bibendi


Sicilian brothers Nicola and Roberto Adamo started helping their father with their 12 hectare family farm near Palermo in north west Sicily after finishing their university studies and developing the farm as Elios Best of Sicily. Along with olive groves and an apiary, they grow the native Sicilian grapes Grillo, Catarratto, Zibibbo and Nero d’Avola on their organic vineyards. To build their winery, Elios Modus Bibendi, the brothers partnered with close friend and vigneron Guido Grillo. Their first vintage was in 2015 producing 6400 total bottles of white and red and by the 2017 vintage they doubled their production. In 2017 they also introduced an orange wine that is a blend of Grillo, Catarratto and Zibibbo.

“The idea of making natural wines comes from deep respect we have for nature. From our point of view, we should accompany and monitor the natural winemaking process without an invasive intervention and the usage of synthetic chemical substances. The wine shouldn’t be a chemical product, adapted to the taste of the consumer, instead it should be an expression of nature and of the features of the land from which the grapes come.” – Guido Grillo, Elios Winemaker

Elios Modus Bibendi Grillo 
Elios Modus Bibendi Nero d’Avola 
Elios Modus Bibendi Bianco Macerato (Grillo/Catarratto/Zibibbo)


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