Weingut Ziereisen


Baden – Germany

“According to our philosophy, our wines should reflect their origin as unadulterated as possible. That’s why we treat our wines as gently as we can, dispensing with chemical treatments, fining and filtration. In the vineyard we work according to old fathers custom – by hand. We make a muscular wine. Not a sumo wrestler, but a decathlete – supple, elegant, strong and athletic. Power and balance are our goal. We strive for the balance between acidity, tannin, alcohol and aromas.” – Hanspeter Ziereisen

Hanspeter is the winemaker at his family winery run by 4 generations of Ziereisens. It is located in Baden close to the Switzerland border. Their production is focuses on Pinot Noir, Syrah and the ancient native grape Chasselas that is typically found in Switzerland.

Click here to read James Halliday’s article about Ziereisen from The Weekend Australian Magazine, March 11-12, 2018.


Ziereisen Chardonnay ‘Hard’
Ziereisen Gutedel ‘Heugumber’

Ziereisen Gutedel (Chasselas) ‘Viviser’ 
Ziereisen Weisser Burgunder 
Ziereisen Grauer Burgunder ‘Jaspis’ Alte Reben  
Ziereisen Blauer Spätburgunder 
Ziereisen Spätburgunder ‘Tschuppen’ 
Ziereisen Spätburgunder ‘Schulen’ 
Ziereisen Spätburgunder ‘Talrain’ 
Ziereisen Spätburgunder ‘Rhini’ 
Ziereisen Spätburgunder ‘Jaspis’ 
Ziereisen/Heymann Lowenstein ‘Pinot Vom Schiefer’ 
Ziereisen Syrah ‘Gestad’ 

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Heymann-Lowenstein Pinot Noir vom Schiefer 2015
“A curious but fruitful winery collab of Mosel’s Heymann-Lowenstein and Baden-based Zieriesen, with pinot noir as the common ground. It’s organic farmed and pretty much un-tinkered with. An exploration in the pursuit of purity and German pinot noir, or something like that. In terms of packaging, HL has the label design, Z takes the cap over the cork. Wonders. Super exciting to see the rise and rise of German pinot, and for the pinot fancier, something to get involved with now. Slippery, satiny red of light weight but full concentration of flavour. It’s pleasingly sappy with ripe cherry, faint rhubarb/beetroot savoury fruit character, an almost mallow kind of sticky-sweetness but finishes with faint herb and a pleasing, light bitter twist. It’s lightly mouth-coating in its flavours, unadulterated in its fruit expression and lingers with command. You wouldn’t call it complex, and it shows little in savoury detail, but it’s composed and beautiful as it stands. Emphatically good.” – 93 Points Mike Bennie, WineFront.com.au