Heart & Soil is a wine wholesaler and importer established in 1999 by passionate and enthusiastic wine lovers. We sell fine wines of the world that are made by caring and usually small family-owned estates many of which are organic or biodynamic; all are sensitive about the environment.

We ship our wines in refrigerated containers and they are even picked up from the producers in refrigerated trucks. Our warehouse is temperature controlled to ensure that our customers receive their wine in the best possible condition, the way the producer intended.

The wines we choose are selected for their character, quality, consistency and value. They mirror their site and region, yet show unique beauty and quality. After all, many winemakers can make great wines when conditions are perfect, however it takes great skill, determination and intelligence to make great wines when conditions are not ideal. Our producers don’t just work with and compensate for mother nature, they celebrate her.

Cheers from the Heart & Soil team