Domaine André et Mireille Tissot

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France – Jura

The Tissot family produces a very large range of ‘small batch-single site’ wines. The winemaker Stéphane is infectiously passionate and enthusiastic, intense, intelligent and also charismatic. Tissot is a talented and individualistic producer. Their savagnin and reds are always planted on clay for increased acidity. Chardonnay is planted on both clay and limestone, and is fermented with wild yeast and made in a very reductive way with a lot of the yeast lees. All vineyards are strictly biodynamic and the yields are kept very low. Wild ferments, extended lees contact and reductive handling is the style here.


Tissot Crémant du Jura BBF NV (100% Chardonnay – Zero Dosage)
Tissot Crémant du Jura Rose NV (Pinot Noir/Poulsard/Trousseau)
Tissot ‘Patchwork’ Chardonnay
Tissot ‘Les Graviers’ Chardonnay
Tissot Savagnin (33 Months ‘Sous Voile’)
Tissot Savagnin Ouille ‘Traminer’
Tissot Arbois ‘DD’ (Pinot Noir/Poulsard/Trousseau – San soufre)
Tissot Arbois Poulsard ‘En Amphore’ Sans Soufre
Tissot Arbois Trousseau ‘Singulier’
Tissot Macvin du Jura Blanc NV
Tissot Macvin du Jura Pinot Noir NV

Vin Jaune
Tissot Vin Jaune ‘En Spois’
Tissot Vin Jaune ‘La Vasee’
Tissot Vin Jaune ‘Les Bruyeres’
Tissot Vin Jaune ‘La Mailloche’
Tissot Vin Jaune ‘Chateau Chalon’
Tissot Vin Jaune ‘W’ (Michel Couvreur whisky barrel aged)

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Savagnin and traminer are essentially two of the same. To differentiate between the two, Stéphane makes this in a ‘fresh’ style [steel tank, no oxidation] showing a different side to Jura’s famous grape. Vibrantly fresh and crunchy, this shows good mid-palate weight and plenty of zip to back it up.

Aged for 6 months with constant topping of the barrels, followed by 2 ½ years under the voile. This is a great version of the classic Jurassic! Curry leaves, celery, vinousity, citrus flavours and great complexity.

This is as natural a wine as is possible to make! The vines were planted between 1942 and 1972. It is fresh, has nuances of strawberry, spices and cherry, and is nicely structured with silky tannins for a ‘lighter’ style red.

This wine was fermented in open wood vats and macerated for 6 weeks! Then matured in 600lt barrels. It is the deepest and richest trousseau you are likely to find, having more in common with a pinot, yet it still retains its Jurasian origin.

VIN JAUNE ‘EN SPOIS’ (single vineyard)
From clay soils (which are not as rich or dense as those of Les Bruyeres) with blue marl and limestone, this is Stephane’s most expressive and elegant Vin Jaune. The high elevated, En Spois vineyard lends itself to producing some of the more textural and nuanced expressions of savagnin where the flavours of curry leaf, unroasted nuts and lemon curd are reserved yet perfectly balanced against Tissot’s signature tight acids and the ‘salty tang’ voile influence.

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