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Germany – Rheinhessen

  • Estate Grown
  • Organic
  • Hand-picked
  • Given skin-contact of up-to 24 hours for extra flavor and texture.
  • Naturally fermented and aged on lees in a mix of mostly large barrels, and some stainless steel tanks.
  • Have no additives except for a little SO2

The Wagner family has been involved in wine production now for nine generations, and since the early 1990s Daniel Wagner is responsible for the vineyards and the cellar. All of the grapes are estate grown, organic, hand-picked, naturally fermented and with no additives except for a little SO2. The vineyards are some of the highest in elevation in Rheinhessen. Established in 1845, Wagner Stempel is now well into its ninth generation of family stewardship. Daniel Wagner has lowered yields through far-reaching measures. Manual pruning and canopy management, as well as selective hand-picking in the autumn are corner-posts of his philosophy of wine production, which is based on the principle that outstanding wines are made in the vineyard.

Siefersheim is located in the extreme west of the German region known as Rheinhessen, just a few kilometres south of the town of Bad Kreuznach, amidst a landscape of steep hills of volcanic origin, interspersed with heath, untouched brooks and small streams, old stone quarries and overgrown walls built of rocks, the gateway to the region known as the “Rheinhessische Schweiz” (Switzerland of Rheinhessen).

The foundation for the Wagner estate was laid in 1845, with earlier generations shaping what was originally a classic mixed farming operation into a widely renowned wine estate, and leading the Höllberg and Heerkretz vineyard sites to supra-regional importance in the early decades of the 20th century.

The fruits of this passion for wine are evident each year in a range of wines characterised by clarity and freshness on the one hand, challenging, complex and concentrated on the other hand. An original style, as confirmed by critics, and acceptance into the elite circle of premium wine producers in 2004, as well as the awarding “Newcomer of the Year” by Gerhard Eichelmann and the wine critics of the Gault Millau WineGuide are a clear indication that the wines made by Daniel Wagner are something special indeed.

Wagner-Stempel ‘Tirus’ Sparkling (Pinot Noir/Chardonnay)
Wagner-Stempel Scheurebe Trocken 
Wagner-Stempel Silvaner Trocken
Wagner-Stempel Riesling Trocken 
Wagner-Stempel Riesling Kabinett 
Wagner-Stempel ‘Porphyr’ Riesling Trocken  
Wagner-Stempel ‘Porphyr’ Riesling Trocken MAGNUM 
Wagner-Stempel ‘Heerkretz’ Riesling GG
Wagner-Stempel ‘Heerkretz’ Riesling GG MAGNUM 
Wagner-Stempel ‘Heerkretz’ Riesling Spätlese 
Wagner-Stempel ‘Heerkretz’ Riesling Auslese 
Wagner-Stempel ‘Höllberg’ Riesling GG
Wagner-Stempel ‘Höllberg’ Riesling GG MAGNUM
Wagner-Stempel ‘Höllberg’ Riesling Auslese 
Wagner-Stempel ‘Scharlachberg’ Riesling GG 
Wagner-Stempel ‘EMT’ Riesling 
Wagner-Stempel Siefersheim Pinot Noir 

Please contact the office on 03 9077 7510 for further details on vintages and availability


Wagner-Stempel ‘Heerkretz’ Riesling GG 2016    
“One of the great dry rieslings of 2016 and although it comes from “mellow” Rheinhessen this has an extremely northerly personality. Enormous minerality is interwoven with the pineapple, citrus and wild herbs character. Sensational balance and a very long finish. If possible wait until 2020, but this will age well beyond 2040.” – 97 Points James Suckling, JamesSuckling.com

Wagner-Stempel Siefersheim Riesling Trocken ‘Vom Porphyr’ 2016 
“The stunning bouquet of fresh pineapple and citrus sucks you into this wine. An extraordinarily light-footed riesling considering how much power it has. The crystalline purity of the long, lingering finish makes this stand out from the pack. Only 20,000 bottles of this wine that’s 80% from the great Heerkretz site.” – 94 Points James Suckling, JamesSuckling.com

Wagner-Stempel Siefersheim Riesling Trocken ‘Vom Porphyr’ 2015 
“The freshness of this riesling almost blows you away. Brimming with fresh pineapple and herbal aromas, it is succulent and vibrant with a dazzling mineral freshness at the finish…” – 95 Points Stuart Pigott, JamesSuckling.com

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